Wednesday, 4 May 2011


I thought I would make a contribution to WOYWW  (what's on your workbench Wednesday).  However I think I should rename it, what's NOT on my workbench!

In the beautiful sunny weather I have been making jewellery outside on the picnic bench.  It's not ideal, as the slats are quite a hazard!

I've been to three craft fairs this week, and on returning home, I've dropped by stuff on bench and now, I can't even sit down!  However that doesn't explain why there is a bottle of de-icer on the bench nor the fact that it has been there since I wrote transhumance crafting back on the11th April

Unfortunately now that the weather is breaking (very windy here) I need to move back inside, so look out for a change of appearance next week!


  1. THREE craft fairs!? Lucky you! Love that you're one of those people who 'dump and run'... and share it all with us too :) Behind the pile on the chair, your desk does look very productive... Loving those wicker baskets - I could do with a few of those - just for show (I think they look so pretty)
    TFS :)

  2. Making jewelry outside sounds lovely, but I can imagine how hazardous the slats must be! Thanks for sharing!

  3. another sewing machine user! just beginning to get into mine, Beautiful workspace, thank you for sharing your workspace, Happy WOYWW 100, 100 weeks of this! wow, #3

  4. Hello there. Nice to see another sewer in on the WOYWW, tho mine is only on show occasionally! Lovely to see a fellow Celt too!! Loving your jewellry!

  5. Sounds like you are having some major crafting adventures there lol. Love that red. TFS! ##17

  6. Intriguing des this week! LOL