Friday, 13 May 2011

The Springwatch Effect

You've heard of the Delia Effect? (This was when Supermarkets felt the impact of a Delia recipe on tv )  Well our household is suffering from the Springwatch Effect.

My Other Half works at the nature reserve selected to host the BBC Springwatch programme - namely RSPB Ynys-hir.
RSPB Ynys-hir Visitor Centre

Well, the first impact of this was his sudden interest in blogs.  I can remember the tuts and sighs as I would type up my blog, but now I go to bed and leave him typing away about the Purple Heron or the Spotted Flycatcher.  The Springwatch Effect.
I spotted the Hawfinch first, did I get credit in the blog??

Next he was asked to return to full time work.  The O/H only works Mon, Tues, Wed, allowing me his company for the rest of the week, (well actually I was only interested in the car).  So I find myself back on the number 28 bus.  The Springwatch effect.
not quite the no. 28

Then he was called into work on a Saturday, letting me down for child care for a craft fair, a charity craft fair at that.  The Springwatch effect.

That was the finally straw, I downed tools and admitted defeat, 'OK, Springwatch comes first'.  There are times when it is just better to accept that some things are bigger than you!  The Springwatch effect.


  1. It certainly seems like it's got a lot to answer for. Any interesting behind the scenes at 'Springwatch' stories?

  2. Haa Haa! I posted on here last week, but Blogger has lost all my comments too! including yours! I loved what you said about your ex claiming the Chooks - not come across that in my line of work before either!! A dog with a contact order but not chooks!! (I work in Divorce at solicitors!!!) As you are aware my Chooks have landed and my Hubby thinks I am nuts as I talk to them too!!! LOL!!! Thanks for your comments and I have "liked" on facebook for ya!!!