Thursday, 27 January 2011

Top 10 reasons to be self-employed in a rural area.

I live in rural Wales, and have done so, on and off since 1993.  Recently I decided to start up as self-employed.  Below are 10 of the reasons I think might be high on the list of reasons to make that choice in a rural area, but maybe you have some more ideas?

1. Lack of jobs
2. Low wages
3. Cost of petrol or public transport
4. The time it takes to travel anywhere!
5. The lack of child care may make standard employment difficult
6. If you are trading locally - big firms may be detered by the small market.
7. Broadband now offers rural areas the chance to 'access all areas'.
8. There will be less neighbours to object to noisy work or courier visits.
9. Houses tend to have larger gardens in rural areas, so you will have more space to locate your workshop or office - aka shed.
10. Great views from your office window.