Friday, 24 June 2011


OK folks, I know I'm late but it has been a busy week.  I'm off on holiday tomorrow for a few days so I thought you would rather hear from me, than worry about the silence.

(Incidentally anyone planning to break in, can you remind my stepson to check the chicken's water and put the beer cans in the recycling bin NOT the normal bin).

Back to what's on your workbench Wednesday, my shop project has finally come to an end (hopefully there will be photos next week), so I cleared up!

I don't see that white surface often
But as I'm sure you don't trust me, I thought I better make another contribution to WIMFF (Where is my floor Friday).
there is definately room to move my chair
But maybe I should show you my other little hiding place... perhaps I should also start 'Is it safe Sunday'
well it hasn't fallen, yet!

Right I'm off to pack, see you refreshed in a weeks time (once I've cleared up all those beer cans and general student debris)!

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Handmade Monday no. 20

I want to highjack my Handmade Monday blogpost for a thank you post instead. (Sorry but it is really long too)!

Caroline (who I 'met' through Handmade Monday), over at Redneedle Sewing awarded me a Versatile Blogger award!  Now Caroline awarded this on the 6th of June, but I have sunk into survival mode for the last couple of weeks and I just didn't feel my acceptance speech would be at its best.
So I waited, and waited and here we are now on the 20th June, and I think I finally am ready.

Here is how my mind processed the news:
I was really chuffed and extremely flattered.
Firstly, someone really is reading my posts!
Secondly, I always read Caroline's blog, but if she is calling me versatile does that mean she reads mine? Hey hang on a minute, my blogs aren't versatile, are they?

Now my chosen specialist subject is wirework jewellery, so I do blog about making that.

Then of course, I do like to tinker with fabric, so when Dreamstar did a tutorial on flowers I had to give it a go.

Oh and then there was the occasion I managed to bring potty training into my blog.

One of my chickens has made an appearance too.

Hmm maybe I do skate about a bit then....

So back to the point.
  •  In accepting my award I must place a link back to the person who awarded it
  • Share 7 random things about myself (heaven help you)
  • Award 7 recently discovered bloggers and contact them to let them know.

So my 7 random things:
1. I restored a Morris Minor pickup from the chassis up.
2. I can speak Welsh, but only only ever use it to speak to my 4 year old!
3. I set up a business when I was 14 called Holidays for pets (I think it only lasted 2 summers!).
4. I hold a motorcycle licence, but haven't riden one since I was 19.
5. My favourite flower is the sweetpea.
6. I am mad on pretty much every sport - and Wimbledon starts today.
7. Wednesday sees me attending my daughters first every ballet show - wish me luck!

And the 7 bloggers I wish to award are:

Its an all female list.  The majority of these people I have met through groups like Handmade Monday where like minded people share their ideas and their makes, so why not have a look at their sites and see if they inspire you too.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

WOYWW 106 - Pif arrival

Thanks to Julia for hosting WOYWW but I wish to digress...

My desk photo will appear at the end, as I feel you must want it - afterall why else do we all tour around the desks if it isn't because we love desks?  However my contribution this week will be devoted to my Thank You to Janet my Pif sender.

I was very excited when my parcel arrived last Thursday, but I excercised great control and waited for OH to come home. - Why? No idea, he has nothing to do with my blog, or my crafting (unless requested), I think I wanted to show off!

So the jiffy bag shouted at me all day, but I remained strong.

On opening the package I found a neatly wrapped present, (guilt set in, I didn't gift wrap mine).

Unwrapped the present to find a beautiful covered address book.  I know nothing about papercraft etc., but I would say this is a fabric, which has been stamped and dyed, glittered, blocked out, just spotted a rivet too.  I hope Janet describes her work to you, as I have not been able to do it credit it in the slightest.
back cover

Inside was a bookmark with a fluffy tail!

And waste not want not, my 4 year old spotted the wrapping paper, which had butterflies on it, asked for it and ran off to her room (a crafter in the making?).  So even the wrapping paper was a hit!

OH said, 'well what happens now?', when I explained (again) how it all worked he said ' well thats good because we need a new address book'!  This is high praise indeed, even he liked it and wants to use it.  So all round Janet your Pif was a big hit in our household THANK YOU.

So here is my desk - in case you were missing it.

Whats on your floor Friday!

I'm thinking of starting a new group, What's on your floor Friday - any takers!!

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Knitting in public

Apparently today is World Wide Knit in Public Day.  But oddly enough, one day wasn't enough so now it is a week event, and runs from today (11th) until the 19th.

Now what do I know about this event? Nothing
Have I ever taken part? Nope
Do I even knit? Well, finger puppets and other small scale stuff, if they count!

So why am I telling you about it?  Because it just sounds great. And I looked up my county Gwynedd - no events, so I looked up my neighbouring county Powys - no events, I looked up the next county Ceridigion - no events.  So I would like to hear about any events you have been involved in.
photo by Todd Huffman, Flickr

Genuinely, if I had known in time I would have organised an event.  However, I only spotted it when I read Bugs and Fishes blog today!

I've always fancied going to a  stitch n bitch club, but again, there isn't one in the area. (Mind you, I have just admitted my knitting skills to you).

And then finally, the question has to be 'why'?

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Handmade Monday no. 19

Handmade Monday has come rushing around again, so much for my plan to slip in an extra blog on Friday. (The Springwatch Effect is still in evidence in our house - nothing is running quite as smoothly as it should, roll on the 16th of May when I can  have my OH back!).

Last week I debated with you the appearance of my machine embroidery lapwing.

Eventually I wimped out of any kind of bird and settled on a very generic flower (actually its a geranium).

Friends and relations should look away now, as this may be your Christmas present.  Here is the finished article, a post bag, lined and with an internal and external pocket.

For the regulars amongst you: I have never sewn to sell before, but I always make textile gifts for Christmas so I am very confident with the quality.   Along with the gift bags (I showed you last week), I thought the post bag would make a bright addition to the bottom shelf.  Until the shop is open I really can't decide how good the lighting is going to be at floor level!

Finally, I shall be completing my last shelf this week. (As you may have guessed the opening date has been delayed).  I shall be breathing a sigh of relief when I have all the stock up together - but I'm sure you will be too!!

Pop over to 1st unique gifts to see what everyone else has been up to this week.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

WOYWW - Birthday

I feel a bit guilty, gatecrashing the party.  I only started WOYWW-ering a few weeks ago, and have already taken one week off.  On the other hand what if I didn't put an asterisk after my name, am I a spoilsport?

No, the asterisk should stay, I feel the important thing is to celebrate the achievements of many and of course join in, so here is hoping that by the next anniversary I don't feel guilty!

Well here is my workbench, this week.
The de-icer is still there!

There has been a new arrival in the studio.  My stepson has finished university, so my OH has donated one of his two workbenches to his boxes and generally tidied up his side.  This in turn put my side to shame.  So I had to put it straight (don't worry I didn't find anything that needed throwing out!).

Gosh, that looks empty from here
I spotted the OH throwing out the shelves.  They would be ideal for jewellery nick-nacks, but of course I didn't do that instead filled them with my display boards awaiting a shop to open (the date keeps getting pushed back).

Ideas, what not to do, and what I must do
I fixed the noticeboard to the wall.  My late father would be proud - I drilled two screws halfway into the wall and pushed the off cut of polystyrene onto it (ever the professional DIY-er).

Spot the floor!

And still there seemed to be lots of kit on the desk.  but far more taxing, was the amount of stuff on the floor.  I really need to move my chair 3" to the right, but I just can't.  Oh well, maybe by the next anniversary ...