Monday, 21 January 2013

Men can't wrap

I don't want to shatter any illusions you may hold, but men can't wrap.  I base this statement on a Christmas job, selling perfume in a department store.  Perfume comes in a rectangular box, but the panic that crossed the men's faces as they discovered we had no wrapping facility, proved it.

So for Valentine's Day I have produced a teeny, tiny gift bag, just big enough to hold a jewellery box.  Fastened with a bit of Velcro, they won't even drop the present on the way home!

Sunday, 6 January 2013

County, country and culture

I supply a few goodies to a shop in Wiltshire. The Old Rectory Tea Rooms is in Castle Combe, and Castle Combe is full of views like this.

Anna, who runs the tea rooms asked if I would make a cat range for her shop, because cats are lucky in Japan, and the tea rooms receive a lot of Japanese visitors.
And it seemed to complete the Polly Polkadot 'range' very nicely!
Glasses cases and phone cases.
And Annabelle ... yes I moved county and country - I moved to England.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

A dinky little gift bag

The new design
As you know, I have some serious catching up to do - both in reading your posts, and in letting you know about me.  I apologise if I have missed any births deaths and marriages (which is the only time I ever iron), but you have never been far from my thoughts.

One of my designs that has taken up my time, is a gift bag.  It started life as a child's bag, requested and designed for The Old Rectory Tearooms in Castle Combe (a more idyllic little village is not to be found!). Unfortunately Anna had a price bracket the bag needed to fall into and this affected the design.

However a conversation with Grug Studio, Dolgellau, led to the bag developing into a much more complete design, way back in September. Despite the higher price it has proved a very popular item in the run up to Christmas, when I believe it stepped from being a child's bag, to being a gift bag.