Tuesday, 27 December 2011

The power of the written word

Father Christmas was no doubt delighted that my children broke up earlier than many, because the first task of the holiday (or so I was informed), was to write their letter to Father Christmas.

No doubt all parents can imagine my panic of what I might now hear, but I agreed to take the dictation.

My daughter's request was singular, reasonable and predictable.  My son, left me speechless.

'I want a chicken'
eh?, what?
'I want a chicken to take to bed'

Well, this wasn't my problem it was Father Christmas', so i wrote the letter, they sealed the envelope and posted it.

I could sympathise with Father Christmas, after all I, like him, live in a remote rural location with few shops, but at least he has elves.

poultry in motion
On Christmas Eve, we met Father Christmas in Dolgellau Grotto, and he appeared to not have read the letter as his response was the same as mine...eh? what?

but no doubt the elves had read it, because on Christmas morning there by the side of the stocking, sat a little chicken.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Pinterest - are you interested?

Have you discovered Pinterest? 

Pinterest is my craft scrapbook, but you can make it what you want.  It very cleverly allows you to grab photos from the web and 'pin' them on your boards.

It has taken me a while to discover some of the gagets, but you can create your own titles for your boards, pin from other peoples boards and even follow people.

Personally I would love to keep my boards private (which isn't an option - or at least not one I have figured out). But to me the benefits far outweigh the intrusion into my mind!

Currently, I want to make a bag somewhere between my mini bucket bag and my messenger bag.  I can't think of a shape I want, so I have been on the web hunting for inspiration. Unfortunately I appear to be far more interested in colour than shape, but no doubt when I look at the board in a week or so one of the bags will give me a starting point.

So there you go, a quick summing up of what pinterest is, and why it might benefit you!

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

WOYWW - craft fairs don't you just love 'em?

The fall out from a craft fair
I had to go and look at my desk to see what was on it.  Yep it feels so long since I was last there.

I was working there on Thursday night, and stacking boxes on it on Monday morning, but I just couldn't remember.

So this is the chaos left after a craft fair. Jewellery display stands to put away, boxes of stuffing to empty, so that Polly Polkadot bags can be safely stored away from the dust.  Oh and in the background, can you spot my cash bag, a trip to the bank too - yippee!

Short and sweet today to help you have time to visit everyone else at Stamping Grounds What's on your workbench Wednesday.

Monday, 5 December 2011

Handmade Monday - Treble clef earrings

Hello Handmade Monday - I'm back!  I'm sure you didn't miss me, but I missed you xxx

Well I just about survived last week, but only managed one day of my two day National Trust Craft Fair.  A migraine caught up with me on Saturday evening.  I don't suffer from stress migraines, I suffer from relief migraines!

(Yes I made it on time to every event on time, children suitably dressed (including allowing my son to drop off his sister at the ballet party dressed as lion, just because everyone else was dressed up), attended school plays, sent my cakes to the Christmas fair, and made enough wirework jewellery for the Craflwyn National Trust Christmas Fair, set up my stall on time, looked at my stall thought 'phew' and then the migraine saw its opportunity.)

Craft fairs are funny events, there you sit with all your wares on display and yet it always takes me by suprise when someone asks me 'is it handmade?'.  So I take my pliers and some wire.  It is also quite a liberating time, as I never have enough time and tools to make something from start to finish, so I fiddle, and fiddling with wire can have some interesting results.
Matching treble clef earrings!

On Saturday I set about making a treble clef earrings.  I managed the first treble clef with surprising ease, but it took most of the day before I managed a matching one!  I attached them to their earwires this morning.  Now to upload them to my shop, to match the treble clef necklace.  And then off for a trip round everyone else at HM.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Is it Christmas or something?

Just a quick update as to my absence from the blog world this week.

As I'm sure you are aware a mother spends her life just walking the edge of sanity and insanity.  And it doesn't take much to try and push us over the edge.

This year, Dolgellau has decided to organise all Christmas events early.


Well it would have been if they hadn't all fallen this week.

I coped with the strike day, the ballet Christmas party, today is school play (2 productions), tomorrow is school fair, and then to top it all I had extra dog walking duties this week, and a National Trust Fair this weekend.  So you may, or may not see me next week!