Sunday, 11 December 2011

Pinterest - are you interested?

Have you discovered Pinterest? 

Pinterest is my craft scrapbook, but you can make it what you want.  It very cleverly allows you to grab photos from the web and 'pin' them on your boards.

It has taken me a while to discover some of the gagets, but you can create your own titles for your boards, pin from other peoples boards and even follow people.

Personally I would love to keep my boards private (which isn't an option - or at least not one I have figured out). But to me the benefits far outweigh the intrusion into my mind!

Currently, I want to make a bag somewhere between my mini bucket bag and my messenger bag.  I can't think of a shape I want, so I have been on the web hunting for inspiration. Unfortunately I appear to be far more interested in colour than shape, but no doubt when I look at the board in a week or so one of the bags will give me a starting point.

So there you go, a quick summing up of what pinterest is, and why it might benefit you!


  1. I've had a quick look at pinterest but think it will take up far too much of my time at the moment, it's a lovely idea though. Good look with the bag shape.

    Jan x

  2. I am with Picto> It took me a while to figure Blogging out and if I start Pinterest I will never get anything done!!

  3. Ah yes, that is what I thought, but if you just go straight to your page you don't get diverted by anyone elses piccys.
    I just grab pictures either when I blog-surfing or when I am genuinely researching an idea.

  4. Do hope you have a lovely Christmas and that the new year brings you only good times. Looking forward to crafting & blogging with you in 2012. Love Debbie #61 (I think - forgot to look!) xXx