Wednesday, 1 June 2011

WOYWW - Birthday

I feel a bit guilty, gatecrashing the party.  I only started WOYWW-ering a few weeks ago, and have already taken one week off.  On the other hand what if I didn't put an asterisk after my name, am I a spoilsport?

No, the asterisk should stay, I feel the important thing is to celebrate the achievements of many and of course join in, so here is hoping that by the next anniversary I don't feel guilty!

Well here is my workbench, this week.
The de-icer is still there!

There has been a new arrival in the studio.  My stepson has finished university, so my OH has donated one of his two workbenches to his boxes and generally tidied up his side.  This in turn put my side to shame.  So I had to put it straight (don't worry I didn't find anything that needed throwing out!).

Gosh, that looks empty from here
I spotted the OH throwing out the shelves.  They would be ideal for jewellery nick-nacks, but of course I didn't do that instead filled them with my display boards awaiting a shop to open (the date keeps getting pushed back).

Ideas, what not to do, and what I must do
I fixed the noticeboard to the wall.  My late father would be proud - I drilled two screws halfway into the wall and pushed the off cut of polystyrene onto it (ever the professional DIY-er).

Spot the floor!

And still there seemed to be lots of kit on the desk.  but far more taxing, was the amount of stuff on the floor.  I really need to move my chair 3" to the right, but I just can't.  Oh well, maybe by the next anniversary ...


  1. Happy WOYWW!! You have a room like my Boss! You can never see the floor in his room, but at least it keeps the carpet clean!!
    Glad you have joined in the PIF!!

  2. I felt like you first I wasn't going to participate in the PiF because I am sort of a newcomer to WOYWW. But then I thought, it's more about showing appreciation for the community being built here, and I certainly want to be a part of THAT, so I'm IN! Happy WOYWW!

  3. hi polly
    it's not about how long you have been involved it's about participating. well done for the diy i couldn't have done that. please e mail me your address so I can send you my pif

  4. It 's good to see newer WOYWWers joining in too.

  5. hi polly
    i'm not sure if the link to my e mail is working on the blog so my address is

  6. Cool pictures, love your workspace, Happy WOYWW, heres to many more

  7. all woyww'ers are welcome!!

    Happy 104th week, so lovely you 'meet' you and so many others on wednesday

  8. Dafty - of course you need to PIffer with us, for me it is not length of service - or faithfulness of attendance, or number of desks delves per week, or how well known you are, or what your Groovy Making Thang is,

    what I like is a darned good nosey into your private workspace

    Oh yeah,

    for me it;s all about being nosey


  9. Love the notice board works well... and until I had my new room I was boxed in by things everywhere all over the floor.

  10. I’m making a really big effort to get around everyone seeing as it’s a special week. Mind you it’s taking forever and I have a bit of a numb bum now so It’ll be back to my random visits next week I think. I just don’t know how some people manage it every week.

    It’s not about how long you’ve been joining in, it the fact that you joining in so of course you should take part in the PIF.
    I love your floor shot, I think a lot of us can relate to that. Lol!

    Happy WOYWW 2nd Anniversary and …………….
    Happy Crafting!

  11. Lovely to see you here, I don't make it every week either.
    Love that your sewing machine is out and useable. Keep smiling and creating

  12. Polly, I agree with Sue....we were all first timers once. I'm glad you joined in. Looks like you are doing a great job organizing. That seems to be a project we are all working at. Creating creates quite a mess, but isn't it rewarding?

  13. You desk looks lovely - Happy WOYWW Anniversary

  14. well what a sPIFfing way to start!
    Happy #2 WOYWW anniversary xxx

  15. Goodness...PIF! It is all for fun and in the months that I have been WOYWWing no one is counting...such a supportive bunch you won't find anywhere else. Sisters!! Sorry I am so late getting around but it was a busy week. Happy WOYWW #104 and the 2nd anniversary of blog snooping! Thanks for sharing Vickie #55

  16. Being new should never stop you from joining in!!! Glad you did .. your desk and room look really interesting

  17. I see no gatecrashing - just participating, which makes us all happy! Oy - a gal who covers up the holes eh - my husband would like to shake your hand!!

  18. You are no gatecrasher no worries there.
    Great workspace.
    Happy WOYWW
    I am so late trying to get to peeps.

    Carol C