Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Handmade Monday no. 20

I want to highjack my Handmade Monday blogpost for a thank you post instead. (Sorry but it is really long too)!

Caroline (who I 'met' through Handmade Monday), over at Redneedle Sewing awarded me a Versatile Blogger award!  Now Caroline awarded this on the 6th of June, but I have sunk into survival mode for the last couple of weeks and I just didn't feel my acceptance speech would be at its best.
So I waited, and waited and here we are now on the 20th June, and I think I finally am ready.

Here is how my mind processed the news:
I was really chuffed and extremely flattered.
Firstly, someone really is reading my posts!
Secondly, I always read Caroline's blog, but if she is calling me versatile does that mean she reads mine? Hey hang on a minute, my blogs aren't versatile, are they?

Now my chosen specialist subject is wirework jewellery, so I do blog about making that.

Then of course, I do like to tinker with fabric, so when Dreamstar did a tutorial on flowers I had to give it a go.

Oh and then there was the occasion I managed to bring potty training into my blog.

One of my chickens has made an appearance too.

Hmm maybe I do skate about a bit then....

So back to the point.
  •  In accepting my award I must place a link back to the person who awarded it
  • Share 7 random things about myself (heaven help you)
  • Award 7 recently discovered bloggers and contact them to let them know.

So my 7 random things:
1. I restored a Morris Minor pickup from the chassis up.
2. I can speak Welsh, but only only ever use it to speak to my 4 year old!
3. I set up a business when I was 14 called Holidays for pets (I think it only lasted 2 summers!).
4. I hold a motorcycle licence, but haven't riden one since I was 19.
5. My favourite flower is the sweetpea.
6. I am mad on pretty much every sport - and Wimbledon starts today.
7. Wednesday sees me attending my daughters first every ballet show - wish me luck!

And the 7 bloggers I wish to award are:

Its an all female list.  The majority of these people I have met through groups like Handmade Monday where like minded people share their ideas and their makes, so why not have a look at their sites and see if they inspire you too.


  1. You're definitely a versatile blogger - will be visiting your lovely links later on (work is calling at the moment!) and posting my own versatile blogger post later in the week. It seems they are mushrooming!

  2. Oh, oh, oh... that's me! YAY! Thank you!

    And I agree with Wendy, you deserve the award! Congratulation hun! And me apparently lol!

    Gonna go off all happy like now. :) *hugz*

  3. Hi folks, I know 2 of you have found yourself nominated on here before I have let you know. I hope you enjoyed the surprise rather than recognised my usual tardiness in completing a task.

  4. Versatile - the title was made for you! Congrats on your award.