Wednesday, 15 June 2011

WOYWW 106 - Pif arrival

Thanks to Julia for hosting WOYWW but I wish to digress...

My desk photo will appear at the end, as I feel you must want it - afterall why else do we all tour around the desks if it isn't because we love desks?  However my contribution this week will be devoted to my Thank You to Janet my Pif sender.

I was very excited when my parcel arrived last Thursday, but I excercised great control and waited for OH to come home. - Why? No idea, he has nothing to do with my blog, or my crafting (unless requested), I think I wanted to show off!

So the jiffy bag shouted at me all day, but I remained strong.

On opening the package I found a neatly wrapped present, (guilt set in, I didn't gift wrap mine).

Unwrapped the present to find a beautiful covered address book.  I know nothing about papercraft etc., but I would say this is a fabric, which has been stamped and dyed, glittered, blocked out, just spotted a rivet too.  I hope Janet describes her work to you, as I have not been able to do it credit it in the slightest.
back cover

Inside was a bookmark with a fluffy tail!

And waste not want not, my 4 year old spotted the wrapping paper, which had butterflies on it, asked for it and ran off to her room (a crafter in the making?).  So even the wrapping paper was a hit!

OH said, 'well what happens now?', when I explained (again) how it all worked he said ' well thats good because we need a new address book'!  This is high praise indeed, even he liked it and wants to use it.  So all round Janet your Pif was a big hit in our household THANK YOU.

So here is my desk - in case you were missing it.

Whats on your floor Friday!

I'm thinking of starting a new group, What's on your floor Friday - any takers!!


  1. What a lovely gift PP - no wonder you were (both) so happy! I dunno why you should save it for OH either, but I tially get it! YOu got it all going on at that desk - I am by comparison, smug. I know you haven't seen my desk, but it's the normal bad. BUT... My floor - clear!!

  2. glad you liked the book. did your daughter make something with the paper, you should show it.
    you have some serious earring making going on there..... on the desk not the floor, at least you dont have to hoover LOL.

  3. I have so much on my floor. I am in:)

    Leslie #104 {i think}

  4. Love the gift. Your desk looks a hive of activity, hope it's going well. Whats on my floor Friday now there's an idea, I'd be too embarassed to show people how I really live!

  5. I think it could be 'Where's my Floor Friday' lol.

  6. Angie you could have it ... WIMFF is a great acronym!

  7. Another beautiful PIF - love the colours. You made me take a quick guilty look at my floor but it's okay - just the wastebasket. Have a great week. Elizabeth x #79

  8. Lovely PiF gift,mine hasn't arrived yet. I've thought off what's on your floor... your dining table your bed...your ironing borad and of course what on the loo seat...will they catch on I wonder! Happy WoYwW

  9. They What a fab PIF gift and a useful one too. I love the colours that Janet has used.

    Now, as for my floor, forget it, I’d be too ashamed to show you what’s down there but it’s mostly stuff that needs to be put back where it lives the rest of the time.

    Happy Crafting!

  10. Love the PIF, good thats its useful and pretty.
    Do have stuff on the floor but have to be fairly neat with it as share room with ES and he is a neat freak.1
    x Tricia (64)

  11. Great desk and lovely pics!

    Thank you for sharing and happy WOYWW! :)

    Maggie #115

  12. Beautiful Pif! I could totally join in on What's on your floor Fridays! lol Happy WOYWW! :-)

  13. That's a lovely Pif! No wonder you were thrilled. I am still waiting for mine to arrive from Slovenia(!) There is always stuff on my floor. In fact there is more chance of stuff being on my floor than on my desk!

  14. Great PIF! Love the colors and a nice way to keep things organized! Thanks for sharing. Vickie #46