Sunday, 5 June 2011

Handmade Monday no. 19

Handmade Monday has come rushing around again, so much for my plan to slip in an extra blog on Friday. (The Springwatch Effect is still in evidence in our house - nothing is running quite as smoothly as it should, roll on the 16th of May when I can  have my OH back!).

Last week I debated with you the appearance of my machine embroidery lapwing.

Eventually I wimped out of any kind of bird and settled on a very generic flower (actually its a geranium).

Friends and relations should look away now, as this may be your Christmas present.  Here is the finished article, a post bag, lined and with an internal and external pocket.

For the regulars amongst you: I have never sewn to sell before, but I always make textile gifts for Christmas so I am very confident with the quality.   Along with the gift bags (I showed you last week), I thought the post bag would make a bright addition to the bottom shelf.  Until the shop is open I really can't decide how good the lighting is going to be at floor level!

Finally, I shall be completing my last shelf this week. (As you may have guessed the opening date has been delayed).  I shall be breathing a sigh of relief when I have all the stock up together - but I'm sure you will be too!!

Pop over to 1st unique gifts to see what everyone else has been up to this week.


  1. Love the bag and you will get there with your stock in the end, good luck.

  2. The bag looks great, is it felt? I'm so impressed with your flower wish you'd done a close up shot. I did wonder if you had delayed the 'launch'. Make sure you visit my blog there may be a little surprise waiting for you x

  3. Love the bag. Good luck with completing the stock. Thanks for taking part in Handmade Monday x

  4. The bag is super but I do think that you should pursue the bird motif... have you considered using a duck? Everybody loves them and recognises them too.

    Hope that the stock making goes well, you can do it, you know you can!

  5. The bag is fantastic! Looks very well made and the flower is so cute. Nothing too in your face - I nice subtle design.

  6. The flower looks lovely but don't give up on the bird. Good luck on your shelves.

    Jan x

  7. The flower and the bag came out beautifully but I still think the bird is wonderful! Keep at it. :)

  8. The bag is lovely but I think the bird works too.


  9. Love the flower on that bag - but would love to see birdy make an appearance again! Anna x

  10. hey, the bag is cool! cool blue :)
    im also trying to learn the machine embroidery alongside with mastering the proper flipping thread tension! :) keep up the good work. we are getting there!

  11. The bag is lovely and the flower is great. You should keep trying with the bird as it will look really great.
    I'm sure you will get your stock together soon.

  12. Great bag, and the geranium looks lovely. Love the gentle blue - looks like suede.