Saturday, 11 June 2011

Knitting in public

Apparently today is World Wide Knit in Public Day.  But oddly enough, one day wasn't enough so now it is a week event, and runs from today (11th) until the 19th.

Now what do I know about this event? Nothing
Have I ever taken part? Nope
Do I even knit? Well, finger puppets and other small scale stuff, if they count!

So why am I telling you about it?  Because it just sounds great. And I looked up my county Gwynedd - no events, so I looked up my neighbouring county Powys - no events, I looked up the next county Ceridigion - no events.  So I would like to hear about any events you have been involved in.
photo by Todd Huffman, Flickr

Genuinely, if I had known in time I would have organised an event.  However, I only spotted it when I read Bugs and Fishes blog today!

I've always fancied going to a  stitch n bitch club, but again, there isn't one in the area. (Mind you, I have just admitted my knitting skills to you).

And then finally, the question has to be 'why'?


  1. I have no problem about knitting in public but as I don't have to get a train to work anymore I don't have much chance to knit outside. However, we do have a "Winter Knit In" organised by one of the radio stations every July, to knit squares and make blankets for homeless people. Apart from being held at the radio station there are lots of local groups often meeting at the local libraries.

  2. knitting in public - this must look fun! dont do knitting myself (not yet ;P) but would love to see an army of knitting ladies somewhere outdoor :)