Monday, 9 May 2011

Handmade Monday

Handmade Monday has come rushing around again, and I don't have much to show for it.  Production this week has been slow again, I did finally manage to visit the local fabric shop.  Which in turn means that I could embark on Dreamstars Tutorial.

I bought fat quarters of William Morris prints. It is an expensive way to select fabric, but at least it made a decision, (otherwise I might still be there browsing).  I don't have much in the way of remenants, so I even purchased the plain colours.

My first attempt
My second attempt

I intend to attach them to the headbands I designed previously.

I can't be trusted in a fabric shop, but I can be controlled!  I only came away with one extra piece, and here it is.  I am unsure what to do with it, and suggestions gratefully received! 
Help needed!
Here's hoping that everyone else had a much more productive week.  Take a look, over at 1st unique gifts.


  1. Oh what pretty fabric. Well done on the flowers :)

  2. That fabric is really pretty, altho I'm afraid I'm not help. I tend to buy fabric and sit on it for something like 25 years! :) but I love your little flowers.

  3. Not sure how much fabric you have but I think it would make a lovely child's apron. Like the two flowers - fun to match the colours up for them...Nancy

  4. The William Morris prints work well in your flowers and the other print is lovely but I have no suggestions, except to keep it somewhere easily accessible where you can admire it from time to time. One day you will find a use for it. I still have a piece of fabric I bought in 1977 so I'm not to be listened to, really. I still love the fabric and will make it into something one day!! Thanks for taking part in HM x

  5. The garden inspired fabric is lovely, I'm sure you will soon find a use for it. Well done on the flowers, I haven't tried them yet but they are on my 'to do' list.

    Jan x

  6. Like the flowers, the new material would look nice as a chair back cushion, especially on wicker type furniture.

  7. Thank you for blog link and can i say the flowers look fab, well done.
    The flower fabric is really pretty. I see it as a peg bag or a garden chair cushion.

  8. A tea cosy! (or cafetiere which ever takes your fancy) Depending on how much fabric you have of course, although I do like dreamstars suggestion of a garden cushion cover. Caroline

  9. I was favouring an outdoor option, but now that the idea of kitchen use has come up ... I'm off to check the size of print to see how many flowers will fit on a tea cosy.