Wednesday, 11 May 2011


If you viewed here last WOYWW (whats on your workbench Wednesday), you'll see a massive transformation.

I promised I would tidy my bench by this week, but I didn't expect it to be a hive of activity too.

I have rented a space in a brand new shop (more about this in later blogs no doubt).  It is due to be opening soon.  But when I glanced at an e-mail I realised it said 'opening BY June'.

I have rented a cabinet with 4 shelves, so at the moment I am concentrating on the top two shelves, namely wirework jewellery.  At the front is one of my entwined hammered motif necklaces, while behind is a second entwined necklace, a plain daisy chain, and a half finished necklace, awaiting a new design of motif.

The teeny tiny anvil is out, and the pliers set is on the side - the only thing in my life I am tidy about is my pliers.  They came in a set of 8, and my other half lusts after them, so if I put them away each time, I can tell if he has 'borrowed' one.

I forgot to say... the star and heart in the middle are rewards for potty training!  How they have ended up in the studio so far from the potty and the child I'm not sure!

Everything at the back of the bench is not used, especially not the badminton racket!  Lets see if it has disappeared by next week.

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  1. exciting times - hope you get all organised and that it will flourish...
    Thanks for sharing today,

    Sarah at

  2. It all sounds very exciting good luck with getting everything together hope it works out for you
    D xx

  3. First of all so envious of you having a dedicated work area (I still need to clear away each time) and second your new venture sounds so exciting! I didn't realise you could 'rent a cabinet',great idea but it does put the pressure on. I'm sure you will rise to the challenge!

  4. Good luck with the shop and with the potty training!

  5. Wow very creative work space today.Hope you get sorted in time for the opening of your shop.Good lukc!
    Happy Creative Wednesday
    huigs Juide x8

  6. wow very creative - and like the reward thing, will pass this onto another mum, thank you for sharing. Happy WOYWW 101, not long left until the 2nd anniversary, have you done your PIF? #2

  7. Good luck with your new venture. Will be back to check what you're up to
    Anne x

  8. Oh well done - nothing like a leap and a deadline to get you going - it will be fab! Expect your desk will lok like this alot more!!

  9. Good luck with your shop space I am sure you will do well

  10. Good luck with your new venture. That looks like a serious set of tools you have. TFS Elaine#16

  11. I have to ask is the potty training for a small person, animal or OH? Good luck with your project.
    Thanks for your visit. Sorry I am late but Blogger and BT have prevented me!! Your comment on your ex and the chickens made me laugh!! We are collecting our first 3 tomorrow (Sunday) yeah!!!!