Monday, 23 May 2011

Handmade Monday no. 17

So its Handmade Monday time.  I had accepted that I needed to take a week off as I had nothing to show ...

This week I was planning to complete wirework pendants for my 2nd shelf (in the new shop that I'm always harping on about).  I have concentrated on established designs as they are quicker to make than fiddling with new designs. But I felt that you wouldn't want to see work you can see over at my Polly Polkadot shop.

... and then last night changed everything.  I got the children in bed and asleep by 7pm, we had all eaten, I had washed up and the OH had even hoovered the floor.  So there was nothing for it, but a trip to the studio at the bottom of the garden.
This the only pendant design I would class as finished from last night, the rest are 'designs in progress'!

But I had an excellent session, with lots of ideas to work on.  The following are snapshots taken this morning.


 I spent ages on the first pendant, but I just couldn't get it to lie how I wanted it, so I think that might go on the noticeboard until I come up with a new way to use it.

Chain of hearts
The second piece was a chain of hearts, I don't think I have the balance right yet, but it has potential.  In addition, I have discovered that I will be able to manage short pieces of wire for earring hearts.

The squiggle
Next I moved onto a squiggle.  I was pleased with the form of this.  I'm not confident with random design, but over all this doesn't look too symmetrical or contrived!

This pendant doesn't have enough curve to the tail, but it is a starting point.
Back again to the treble clef.  I have been intending to make a treble clef for some time, but never getting around to it. I was delighted with the result and this will definitely be in my online shop, and on the infamous second shelf!

OK, so now I must move onto the 3rd shelf, something a bit different just to hedge my bets on sales!


  1. I'm sure the treble clef will be a successful design - it's something a lot of people will identify eith! I also like your "squiggle"!

    Thanks for taking part in Handmade Monday x

  2. Wow, that looks like a really productive evening! I love the treble clef and hearts and squiggle (actually I think they have all come out brilliantly and will, I am sure evolve even more over time!)

    Great stuff.

    Ali x
    Ali's Craft Studio

  3. The treble clef is really good and I think the one with not enough tail would look good with the tail 'folded' inside the upside down tear drop. Does that make sense?

    Jan x

  4. Jan, I really like that suggestion, can I send you a sketch pad for more ideas?!

  5. The chain of hearts is so appealing. With your treble clef can you wind both the start and the tail around a little more (a bit like a spring), I know when I doodle them that is how I sketch them.

  6. Music designs are great - I mean, who doesn't like music right? These are will go like hot cakes. Well not cakes, since they aren't cakes... but you know what I mean right? ;)

  7. The hearts are my favourite. You certainly got busy in your small amount of free time!

  8. You really have been busy what a great use of your evening. I love all your designs but the hearts are my favourite. I also like your tree I think that will turn out really well with more practise.

  9. You definitely have your own style. I love jewellery like this very simple and very effective designs - you've got my vote.

  10. Love the treble clef, I remember this being on of the first things I drew when I was at school and I was learning to read music.

  11. I like these, they are very simple and organic.

  12. Ohhh, I'm liking the 4th and 5th pictures most, so simple yet striking.

  13. Such intricate work, beautiful

  14. These look great!! My favourite is the squiggle :)

  15. All ace but my favourite is tree, it just looks so interesting.