Wednesday, 18 May 2011

WOYWW again

workbench or chaos?
My workbench has continued to be a hive of activity.  I have completed the pieces for the top shelf of my jewellery cabinet that I have rented in a shop (opening soon).

hmm, I can count 6 different pieces of jewellery in progress!
 A close up of the desk reveals that I don't work in an organised fashion at all.  On the tile lies a new hammered motif that didn't work the way I wanted it to, several flowers that were supposed to be made into earrings but I couldn't get a matching pair, a tear drop shape that I would like to put a bead in the centre but I don't have a bead the matches, two chains lacking in motif, several pens that I use as dowels and of course the potty training reward badge that is still in the studio!

display board.

I had planned to show you my layout of jewellery for the shelf.  Unfortunately that would involve clearing my workbench to take the photo, and it all sounded like too much effort, so you'll have to be pleased with a close up of the display board which will set at the back of the shelf.

The top set is a copy of a Linda Jones design, it is a personal favourite of mine, far too beautiful to be left in a book.  (Please note the little Miss Bossy mug in the background!).

So this week I will be working on shelf 2 - hammered wire pendants. 

At the weekend I'll do a 'toolbox talk' blog to show how accessible wirework can be.

Pop over and see how everyone else's workbenches are looking at stamping ground


  1. Chaos!! Not in a bad way though. I like chaos as you well know!!! Lovely jewellry there. I bought a pair of earrings at a craft fair last week and I have dabbled at it so I appreciate the work that goes into them. My earrings are bird houses with little tinsywinsy birds underneath. I should have asked her to make me a matching pendant!!What Chooks do you have?

  2. P.S. A Tree Skirt is a decorated or patterned circular fabric skirt which goes around the bottom of the Christmas tree and hides the stand and wires. Mine is patterned fabric which I have quilted and then stitched seed beads on by hand!!!

  3. I've always wondered about dabbling in Jewellry making so thanks for the inspiration! Your items look beautiful. I think I'm going to have to go research it a bit.... but quitely because if my hubby finds out I think he'll throw a fit if I start buying stuff for another craft!

  4. I've got most of the tools, used them to make handbag charms once upon a time, so I could use them for jewelry - sounds like an expensive hobby! Your jewelry looks amazing. TFS #4

  5. love the look of your jewellery - good luck with the shop - your desk looks so productive


  6. Don't panic folks - the toolbox talk is to show how little you need!

  7. Oh well done - you've done a lot already! It's going to be marvellous. Maybe it's the scale of stuff - but to me your desk doesn't show that you're messy or flitting from thing to thing!

  8. I love your work area. I can just imagine you busy beavering away, radio on, coffee on hand. I'm following your shop launch with interest and am very intrigued about your tool box talk