Saturday, 7 May 2011

A day out

By Dimitra Blana, Flickr.
Today, whilst juggling several other tasks, I treated myself to a visit to Wheelers Fabrics in Machynlleth.

I should have taken my wirework jewellery to a charity craft fair - but my childminder (otherwise known as my other half), let me down.

As I would now have 3 and 1/2 days at home I thought I'd embark on potty training the younger child.  However I had forgotten that the children had been invited to a birthday party, (getting the hang of juggling yet?).

The party was 17 miles away, so I felt I could allow myself the luxury of dropping off the older child and continuing 3 more miles to Machynlleth (with the nappy-less child).

By Kelp, Flickr.
Now Wheelers Fabrics is a treasurer trove to anyone, but to me it is very near perfection and the only improvement I could suggest is adding coffee and chocolate cake!

 I don't think I have managed a trip to this wonderful emporium since July, so you can imagine my joy when I realised that my nappyless child, had stubbornly refused to wake, despite being transferred from the car to his pushchair.  Three floors of fabric, friendly staff, and now, no children - heaven (except for the coffee and chocolate cake).

So what did I buy?  Well I would like to boast that I exercised huge self-restraint, and bought only what I went in for (well OK, I did buy one extra item).  As ever my tight budget kept me in control, but my head is buzzing with fabrics that I desperately want to buy!

I am hoping to show my purchases in their new form, shortly.

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  1. Coffee and chocolate cake? You might be onto something there! This is long overdue but thanks for the lovely write-up. We've got lots of crafty bits and pieces in stock at the moment, pop in and say hello next time you're in Mach.

    We're also now on Facebook and Twitter (@WheelerFabrics) if you're interested in following us.