Wednesday, 16 November 2011

WOYWW - 101 Dalmation Jasper Beads

This is a tidy desk - for me at least

Well there it is in all its glory, my lovely, tidy desk.  The weekly cycle of my desk can, I'm sure be guessed. Tidy, messier, messy, chaos, blitz and begin again. And just at the moment, the tidy stage appears to be falling on a Wednesday!

I shouldn't really be working on these jasper beads, but once I spotted them in my bead drawer they just kept shouting at me.

The trouble is, now that I have finished that bracelet, I need to make a few new designs to fill my bracelet bar, else it won't get an outing to any craft fairs, so I've put them in my gift shop just in case.

So there we have it, another week of Whats on your workbench Wednesday (WOYWW) and another week of me trying to stay in control of my life and my workbench!  Pop over to Julia's and see who else is under a mountain of beads and wire, or paper piles and stamps.

N.B. I wrote the post then realised they weren't dalmation jasper beads, but I can't for the life of me remember what they are, so the title can stay!!


  1. If you can still find room to create then it is tidy enough - lovely colours and tones in those stones whatever they are!!! Thanks for sharing today, Sarah at 2.

  2. Whatever they're called, you've worked wonders with them!

  3. They are lovely beads whatever they are called. I love the Dalmation name!!
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax #96

  4. Those are really gorgeous beads what ever they are called :-)
    A x
    #48 [well, I was when I left Julia's....sorry for any confusion last week but some little gremlin changed my number for me after I left :-) ]

  5. Lovely beads - really unusual. x Jo 64

  6. THAT is one beautiful bracelent and I LOVE those stones. Your desk does need a tidy up though girl if you want to borrow my halo!! I have been sooooo good at tidying up in between projects. Honest!! The snowflakes were cut on my Silhouette!

  7. Thanks for the peek and sharing. Hope you are having a great WOYWW,
    xoxo Marjo #109

  8. Terrific beads whatever they're called :) Thanks for calling by on WOYWW! Di xx

  9. Well I couldn't tell a Dalmation Jasper from any other, so your secret's safe with me! It is a lovely bracelet though, no doubt, so all is good! Love tha tyou work RIGHT in front of your clock..does it help?

  10. So sorry no time to WOYWW this week ... just don't know where it has gone to really.
    LoVe those beads! Debbie x

  11. Those stones are lovely and yes, your desk is clear and ready for action. Hope you are enjoying your weekend. Elizabeth x #78

  12. I used to make those beads but now I am onto other things
    Bridget #29