Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Handmade Monday - core values

Well I could claim today is Monday, but in truth its Tuesday morning. That sentence just about sums up my last week, always just a little behind. 

However I have filed all outstanding paperwork, paid the two overdue bills I found amongst it, and I have made a mental note of the other financial issues that must be discussed in the household before the week is out!

Life is all about that really, its there to be enjoyed but don't forget to do the regular stuff too. 

I love bending and twisting the wire into new shapes for my wirework jewellery, but it is important not to forget the steady sellers too.
Rustic crucifix hung on cotton cord

I class my hammered crucifix as a steady seller.  Stocks were down to their minimum so I sat down this week and set about making a few for the approaching Christmas fairs.  Its not a chore, I enjoy making them, but my mind thinks that I would prefer to make something new!

To satisfy the adventurous side of my brain, I put one on a silver plated chain to see what it would look like.  It totally changes the rustic appearance of the cross but it works quite well.
Rustic crucifix hung on silver plated necklace

So I'm sure you have already done this, but if not, pop over to Wendy's place and take a look at everyone involved in this weeks Handmade Monday.


  1. Your crosses are really lovely. I love the way the chain changes the appearance.
    A x

  2. I like your crosses and agree the chain makes it totally different

  3. I agree it does totally change the feel but that's whats so fun about 'making' isn't it, playing with ideas and coming up with new combinations. Lovely stuff

  4. These are beautiful. I think a spin on a classic is always a good idea. Makes it into a whole project. These will be a hit with customers.

  5. Hi there. Lovely crosses there. I like both ways. It is good to have a change though as long as you are enjoying what you are making!

  6. The crosses are very pretty, no wonder they're good sellers for you!

  7. It's lovely - quite unusual but all the better for that.