Sunday, 20 November 2011

Children in Need - life as a crafty Mum

I just thought you would like to know one of the many forms of insanity that afflicts crafting mums.

Friday was Children in Need Day. At my daughter's school the pupils were offered a choice of spots or fancy dress.

I knew her choice as soon as I read the note aloud.  6 times she has been allowed fancy dress, 5 times she has worn the princess dress and on 1 occasion I persuaded her to go as a pirate.

Now, a sane mother would think - great, all I have to do is wash the dress in time.

A crafting mum? Well they start thinking - she could go as anything she likes... she just has to choose.

Raggles the rabbit, and Rosie
So on Thursday she choose Rosie, from Everything's Rosie.  So there I was on Thursday night, in bed sewing a hairclip onto her wig.

I don't claim it to be a great costume, but 1 hours work and a 5 year old and her friends were convinced it was Rosie.

Rosie - appears to be a little worse for wear, at the end of the day!

As I'm sure you could have predicted, her brother was not impressed, when I didn't produce a Raggles costume.  However I managed to fob him off with a brown dressing gown with rabbit ears included!

But I have made a mental note that next fancy dress day she can go as a princess


  1. Ooooh now I feel so old have no idea who raggles and rosie are but the children look adorable and that's what counts - well done mum!

  2. Thats fab :) i am looking forward to caoimhe dressing up at school :)