Wednesday, 14 September 2011

WOYWW flower power

What's on your workbench Wednesday.
Some time ago I wrote about Tranhumance crafting. I'm sure you work in the same manner - as winter approaches the crafting table moves closer and closer to the fire.

This week has seen me working back in the house (not in the studio at the bottom of the garden).  It was because I was trying to juggle too many things, I needed to fit my crafting around the children, but I must admit that crossing the garden in the wind and rain has not been attractive.

So here is my workbench - the kitchen work surface, and a tray to take it away in between working.

I have been making flower brooches for my Polly Polkadot cabinet in The Emporium, Machynlleth.  I had planned to deliver them personally (which may have required me calling into Wheelers Fabrics once more), but clearly my plan was spotted and the car broke down.  So OH dropped them off on his way to work.  However I decided to make some more, so that I can visit next week instead!

Using a glue gun and buttons has attracted my assistant (aged 2 and half), half my buttons are now on his necklace.  He is very disappointed that the glue gun does not squirt water, and he has offered rather too frequently to plug it in, in the hope that it might start working.  So the glue gun is definately going back to its box in the studio.

Take a trip over to stamping ground to see how the weather has affected everyone elses work bench this week.


  1. These look amazing.... do you have a how to on your blog????? they look perfect....

  2. The transhumance comment made me snort my tea out!! It's so true, especially in wild,wet, Welsh Wales - I know, I was brought up in Carmarthenshire!! The line about your son's fixation with the glue gun rang true as well - they just love machinery and gadgets :) Hugs LLJ xx PS Loved your sock from the previous post, how's the right one getting on?? Lol xx

  3. Very pretty flowers there Frances.
    As for winter approaching I am going to have to swap my air con unit for my heater - my craft desk is upstairs so cannot move it closer to the fire.
    I actually did two postings today - WOYWW is under the tag one!!

  4. I like your thinking process for getting into the craft shop. My fabric shop is a bus ride away so I just need an excuse to go into town!
    Hugs Mrs A.

  5. Absolutely beautiful flowers, I had to laugh about your "assistant: I can only imagine what fun he was having.

    Hugs, Jovi #114

  6. Agree a roaring fire would be good this morning as freezing, love the flowers

  7. Tranhumance!! What's the word that describes me getting closer and closer to the window because I need natural daylight to craft in these dark days?! Pretty flowers. Funny aabout how you were thwarted in your delivery, hope it doesn't come in 3s!

  8. Cosy crafting is definitely the order of the day! Your flower brooches are lovely and obviously selling well. Well done you!