Monday, 12 September 2011

Handmade Monday sock it to you!

Handmade Monday is an opportunity to see what people have been making, noone said it had to be any good, so -I'd like a bit of a fanfare please, maybe a drum roll too. I would like to show you the LARGEST thing I have ever FINISHED in knitting...

Here it is, the left foot:
It is bad luck to put new shoes on the table, what about new socks?

And here is the right foot:
I'm a bit too busy at the mo, but I am aiming for completion by the end of the month.

I treated myself to a sock kit from Laughing Yaffle, followed the instructions, and hey presto, it worked!
Now I suppose I should tell you about my knitting:
  • The kit comes with 5 needles, I lost one within a few hours, this must be why there are 5, because I was able to carry on knitting.
  • I have never completed anything other than finger puppets (which I did design myself), and that would have been when I was 12.
  • I can't knit without looking.
  • I really dislike stopping mid row, because when I was about 7 I turned my knitting around and went back the wrong way and everyone laughed at me!
  • When my Great Gran was going doo-lally she would put 2 or 3 heels in one sock. 
This to me is the best feature:
grafting the toe!
The instructions for grafting the toe were clearly gobbledy-gooch, they couldn't possibly work, but I thought I would give them a go before complaining ... and I was of course proved wrong, they were perfect.  Look, can you see a join on the middle 8 stitches? Neither can I, and I know which colours I joined.
    My partners words of encouragement included:
    • I hope you don't intend to sell these they will be the most expensive socks ever.
    • When I dropped a stitch several rows earlier: what they've got a hole in them and you haven't even worn them yet?
    Anyway, despite the level of laughter that will be coming from the likes of laughing yaffle and Rosmademe, I can proudly say that ONLY took me 2 weeks, just the right foot to go.


      1. Hooray! Well done - I know how tricky socks are to make so you've done amazingly well juggling with all those needles! And TWO WEEKS??! That's pretty quick by my standards ;)
        Look forward to seeing the right foot soon!

      2. Very snazzy - you could start a whole new trend of 'we-make-half-and-you-do-the-rest' socks


      3. Ha ha!You made me spray coffee all over when I saw the pic of the right foot LOL!
        Giggles aside, that is a lovely sock!
        How I envy your talent darl. xx

      4. I hope that really isn't your right foot else you have no toes!!
        Congratulations on the left foot!! Looking forward to seeing the finished pair! If you beleive the weather forcasts you had better get a move on!!

      5. Oh how I laughed at your right foot!

        I think my knitting skills consist of just right feet, nothing else.

      6. I like the left foot but really like the right foot even better. I also now have an image of granny made socks with several heels in them. Socks for aliens perhaps. Or a kind of sock monster ahead of it's time? Anyway, thank you for making me laugh today.

      7. I laughed at your right foot. Now I am a follower.

      8. Loved reading your post - made me chuckle! congrats on the left sock! :o) sarah x

      9. Good post. Especially about Great Nan being doo-lally and the instuctions being gobbledy-gooch. We speak the same language. Now trying to pluck up the courage to ask what your evening work is!!!!! Hugs Mrs A.

      10. I don't knit, but I think it's so cool that people actually do knit socks!