Monday, 5 September 2011

Handmade Monday, Hello, Good Evening and Welcome

Welcome back to Polly Polkadot blog.  I've been taking a break from the blog world during the school holidays.  Whoops I'm so out of practice I forgot to put my link in, please take a look at everyone else who takes part in Handmade Monday over at 1st unique gifts.

We even managed a bit of a break ourselves - a few days in Somerset visiting family (although I did squeeze in a craft fair down their too!).

Last week saw my little girl growing just that bit bigger by turning 5.  Never one to miss an opportunity to convert new crafters, I made little cotton bags for the party bags, and encouraged the children to decorate them with die cuts.

Whilst I have been busy all summer, both with the children and jewellery making, I feel like I have been treading water in a panicky fashion.

I hope to move forward over the next few weeks, however a friend kindly pointed out that I shouldn't start making any plans just yet  - as I still have this terms tummy bugs, earraches and of course nits to cope with yet!  Sometimes I feel honesty isn't the best policy and I wish he  had kept his thoughts to himself!!!
butter wouldn't melt in their mouths -eh?


  1. A birthday for a five year old.... that takes me back more than a few years. That was a great idea for the bags, I'll bet they had fun doing the decoration.

    Jan :o)

  2. Love the little party bags - lovely idea. Here's hoping for a earrache, tummy-bug and nit-free term! Oh, the joys.

  3. What a fantastic idea for a party, I bet they loved making the bags. The cake looks lovely too.

  4. Love the party bags, great idea to get the children involved, clever thing you!

  5. Well I hope there aren't many if any tummy bugs and the rest. As for the nit, but them at the stake and pretend they never existed :)

    Welcome back to the blogging world. It will be nice to read up on your makes and achievements once again.

  6. Welcome back - I am just back at HM after almost a month of chaotic crafting (fortunately no bugs or nits in sight!!)

    Love the idea of the bags - I bet the kids loved making up their own creations!

    Ali x

  7. Happy Birthday to your little girl!
    The party bags are a fab idea and I'm sure you managed to convert a few kids to crafty ways :)

  8. Happy Birthday to your Honey Bun! Did she get her beehive for her birthday after?
    I hope you made that cake!! Love the party bags - I bet that kept them quiet for 5 mins decorating them!!
    Why aren't you on WOYWW this week?