Wednesday, 10 August 2011

The next big thing

We've had a few new additions to the household since I last wrote.  OH took the children fishing.  They all seemed very excited as they set off with their Heath Robinson contraptions - a bottle cut in half, wire handle, long pieces of string, filled with gravel.  I decided to leave them to it.

They left their bottle traps in the river and returned a few hours later.  We now find ourselves the proud owners of several minnows and one stickleback (called sticky-back by the children).

The fish now live in an aquarium, and the children just sit and watch them, OK I exaggerate, they fight for the best seat, to sit and watch them from.
Holiday hair in action!

I, by contrast don't have time for fun, I have spent all my free time getting ready for a fair this weekend.  Do you remember my bold statement of 'No more craft fairs' back in April?  And how I gradually slipped back into old habits?  Well this weekend sees my big one of the summer.  I don't anticipate a huge number of sales, but it is one of those ones where you get more space than you know what to do with.

I couldn't find a picture of the show but here is the field!  Flickr ED1909
It is Clutton Flower Show - what? you cry.  Well, that is my home village, I often steward the judges, visit my Mum, and so I might as well have a stall there too.  Flower Shows are funny things, those that garden, tend to have money, so if you can just catch them in the right mood ...


  1. Thanks for your comment and esp. bit about Esty, a lesson to be learnt there I think. Your story is charming, it captures the whole essence of childhood and I bet they'll remember the fishing trip for a long time to come.

  2. Aw!! Bless em!! Lots of photos to scrapbook I hope?!!!

  3. Fish are wonderfully relaxing, no matter what age. I remember getting our first goldfish and Mum & I sat and stared at them for ages (don't quite know what we expected them to do!)

    Good luck at the fair.

    Ali x