Wednesday, 21 September 2011

WOYWW - Close your eyes ...

What's on your workbench Wednesday is an opportunity to take a tour of everyones desks, everyone that is, that is listed over with Julia at Stamping Ground.

I like to use lots of photos in my blogs to keep you all awake but this week I have a bit of a PROBLEM - my card reader is missing.  So you will have to use lots of IMAGINATION and I will have to use lots of DESCRIPTIONS. 

First of all it really should go without saying, but my desk is MESSY.

 I have returned to the STUDIO area, and the tea tray has been emptied. (on to the desk)
now empty

I have broken my promises of 'can you keep a secret' blog, well, adjusted them really.  I haven't bought any fabric from Wheelers Fabrics, but I have bought from several other places.  They are all still in the BAGS I bought them in, PILED ontop of one another.

Imagine: sewing machine in middle, loads of bags in back corner!
The SEWING MACHINE is in the CENTRE, and last night I made a Christmas stocking, which didn't come up to standard, so I shall have to make several more before I get it right.

Finally SOCK NEWS: right sock is progressing nicely towards 1st of October deadline!


  1. Nice workspace Looks productive !

  2. Buying more fabric isn't a problem, in fact, it's necessary to a good life - at least that's how I justify my fabric habit!! So glad that Right Sock is well under construction :) xx

  3. How annoying losing your card reader - hope you find it soon. Can't wait to see your piles of fabric.

  4. Of wow, those flowers are fab!

    When I see things like that I really wish I had more patience with my sewing machine.
    I can’t sew a straight line for toffee and whatever I’m trying to sew usually gets thrown across the room.

    Happy Crafting!


  5. Brilliant posting today. I can see all of those pictures in my mind!!
    You may be knitting socks but I have made some gloves - fingerless ones but if I actually stitch them up they will keep my handies warm this winter!! YEY!!

  6. The little flowers look good. Are they for cards? I like blogs that keep you guessing ! Have a good crafting weekend. Hugs Mrs A.

  7. Great flowers. My cardreader was here, just did not want to hear about reading anything. Must be a male one.
    Happy very belated WOYWW