Monday, 10 October 2011

Handmade Monday - the herbal option

Well, I had a great idea last week.  I would plan my Handmade Monday posting well in advance, this would not only mean I could get my photos taken in the daylight of the weekend, I could write the blog on Sunday night too.  Heck I might even try out the timed posting option.

Well?  Do I need to bother telling you what really happened? Lets face it, you know me by now!  So here we are at 8.30pm Monday.

Herb Shopping Bag
This week I have been a bag lady. I have made three types of bag, but today I am only revealling my herb shopper bag.  I thought it would give me a warm up routine before embarking on more complicated patterns.

The lining
A lined shopper includes all the options you need on a more challenging bag, but in a less confined working environment.  I pressed my seams, turned my handles, practised my edge stitching (still up to standard), double stitched the stress areas, and fitted my lining.  Before awarding myself the 'Fit to Continue' Award and moved on to my next shape!

I am currently in the process of re-stocking the range at Polly Polkadot and decided to return to textiles myself.  I am hoping over the next few weeks to manage to keep both the Polly Polkadot website and Handmade Monday up to date with my progress (if you see me beginning to talk about gardening etc. you'll know I'm avoiding work)! 


  1. Great bag Polly... brill for gardeners and shoppers... I know some ladies who get an awful lot of cuttings in there!

  2. Love the fabric, I like the simple design. The lining looks really neat. Well done.

    Jan x

  3. Lovely bag - and such a pretty fabric. Good luck with the progression!

  4. That's so pretty! Love the fabrics. Wish I could sew so well. Little simple bags like that have become so popular.