Sunday, 16 October 2011

Handmade Monday Bucket Bag

Well what have I been up to this week?  Handmade Monday always helps me see what I have achieved each week - but in truth I'm beginning to realise I may have been on a work avoidance for the last few weeks.  You see I'm still playing with fabric when in truth I should be back at the jewellery drawing board by now!

So here is my final make with fabric.  I really wanted to make a bucket bag in minature, I think it is more of a flower pot bag!
just 20cm across and 15cm tall!

Or perhaps a cup cake shape.

My wirework jewellery along with my newly completed bags are at the RSPB Ynys-hir craft fair.  This runs for a fortnight in the Visitor Centre - you set up your table and then leave it for the staff to run. 

Way back in April or May I decided I couldn't do craft fairs and ensure childcare so I have only done a couple of events since then.  But what have I been missing out on?

Talk about a moral boost!  I couldn't set up my table as other crafters kept dismantling it to inspect things!  I eventually came away with a bag commission but on a very big high!

By Saturday morning my emotions came crashing back down to earth - I have lived in Wales since 1993, and I am mad on sport, so my Saturday morning was organised around THE GAME (rugby world cup semi-final to you disinterested others).

Fairbourne beach
However Saturday afternoon allowed me a reality check of what is really important in life, and I spent a wonderful hour at the beach with my OH, and two children, and reminded myself that it really was the 15th of October!


  1. Oooohhhh I love the bags! and that cupcake fabric is lush! x

  2. I particularly love the cupcake bag, I only wish I could create something like that! xXx

  3. The bags are brilliant. I love the idea of setting out your table for two whole weeks, I'm sure it will go really well.
    Commiserations on the 'game' but it looks like you had a great time on the beach.

    Jan x

  4. Love the bags. Bags are the only thing that can get me into trouble....

  5. I'm in love with the first one, that fabric is to die for! Love the pic of you and your kids. As someone whose boys are all grown (really grown, they are all in their thirties now) it's true, they are grown and gone so much faster than you ever dream. I would give anything to spend a few hours at the beach with them as little kids again (and I was a stay at home Mom I spent lots of time with mine!) It's just never enough no matter what! :)

  6. I like the style of those bags. The cupcake one is so cute.

    I'm happy to hear you enjoyed your time with the family. Moments like that are rare and should be treasured!

  7. Love the bags - such a cute shape and lovely fabric choices.

    I'm with Susie & Kat - enjoy and treasure every moment. They grow far too quickly.

  8. Gorgeous little bags - hope you sell lots at the RSPB Centre. x Jo

  9. I love the bags - must make more bags!

  10. These bags are perfect, cute and quirky. Wales were robbed!

  11. Wow! Loving the bags Mich :)