Wednesday, 6 July 2011

WOYWW Bad habits

Well, WOYWW (whats on your workbench Wednesday) eh?  Oh, dear!

To re-cap, a fortnight ago I tided, and set off on holiday.  I intended to keep my stock levels in the studio to an absolute minimum.

So what happened?
Thursday I returned from holiday
Friday I placed all the stock in a shop
Saturday I went down to the studio, to start building up the stock levels again!

On Monday I returned to the studio to find a note I had left myself ...

It says:
  • Work through part finished tray
  • Exam shop list, have replacements
  • THEN start on new ideas!

I obviously know myself very well, as I started out with good intentions. I finished two pieces from the tray, then I picked up some earrings that I couldn't get right.  I figured out the problem, and suddenly I was making a few more,
finished the necklaces, made the earrings ...

and then that was it, I was off, instructions forgotten I was off on new ideas again!
It took ages to get the two hearts to hang together well!
 But boy, was it loads more fun than doing what I was supposed to!

Take a trip over to Julia's blog and see all the neat freaks who put me badly to shame


  1. Great post PP - I would have done jsut the same, nothing like coming back and cracking a problem...mind - it whiles away hours!!

  2. Oh Polly - that heart set is gorgeous!! But I am a sucker for heart things - as my kitchen will tell you!
    Hope the shop is going well. Hubby agreed to a trip to Mach so will e-mail you nearer the time and maybe meet for coffee?!!

  3. Lovely necklaces. I too love all things hearty

  4. Beautiful items - I maybe should nip over to Machynlleth and check out the Emporium!

  5. awesome looking necklace and earrings. Sounds like you are one busy woman. I end up writing notes and forget where I put them and end up winging it. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #44