Monday, 18 July 2011

Handmade Monday, Goodbye and Thank you!

Time is always short in our household. I didn't post a Handmade Monday Blog last week and I only just snuck in to WOYWW as the 124th person!

I asked my OH to look after the youngest child whilst I upoaded my photos.  This was the scene that greeted me when I came downstairs!

So in the interest of reducing child labour I shall be taking a blogging break over the school holidays. (Well not posting very often anyway).

However, I shall be supervising a lot of this:

Encouraging a lot of this:

And clearing up a lot of this.

I shall of course still be busy designing wirework jewellery, attending markets and craft fairs.

I had a bit of a grumpy weekend the other week, and my Monday comments really lifted my spirits.  So as a thankyou I thought I would do a giveaway.

There is no catch, I'm not recruiting, just saying thank you!

On Friday (when I've made it),  I shall draw a name out of a hat. You just need to be on my followers list (and have an e-mail or blog contact on your profile).  And the 'winner' will receive a heart necklace and earring set which was how you cheered me up!

Thank you once again, and see you back at the regular spot in September!


  1. What an absolutely adorable pic of your little boy hoovering! Love it totally. Love the giveaway idea too x

  2. Polly hope that you have a super Summer with loads of cakes and very little hoovering!

  3. Love that photo - is he available to come and do mine?? Adorable LOL!

    Good luck with your school hols endeavours - looking forward to reading all about what you and your family get up to in September (which if the rest of the year is anything to go by, will be here in a flash!)

    Ali x

  4. Lol nowt wrong with a bit of child labour! (keeps em out of mischief!) but i hope you enjoy your summer of kiddie fun. Looking forward to lots of messy play myself as i am taking my daughter out of the childminders next month (can't justify it on maternity pay!) maybe we can swap some ideas :) i am now collecting newspaper and toilet rolls in anticipation!
    That's a lovely idea with the necklaces/earring giveaway too x
    Hope you have a lovely summer x

  5. Excellent post, loved the pic, Have a great summer, but don't stay too quiet will you?

  6. I also love that photo of your youngest cute earphones Have alovely summer holiday sounds like you have some great plans I should do more of the planning side You sound very well organised looking forward to following your blog xx

  7. Have a great summer with the family, be sure to pop as and when you can. I'm doing the papier mache thing at the moment and having great fun.

    Jan x

  8. Nothing wrong with teaching men while they are young that there aren't really Pixies who do housework! Wish mine did and he is 47 now!! That is my Hubby not child!! Dogs are no good at housework - only creating it!!