Monday, 4 July 2011

Handmade Monday - To craft fair or not to craft fair?

I have just returned from a few days in Cornwall.  So a refreshed and rejuvenated blogger is typing this.

On Mondays I partake in Handmade Monday, hosted by Wendy of 1st unique gifts.  HM is a way of seeing what people have been up to during the week, but it also helps me realise what I've achieved (or not).

In April I arranged to rent a cabinet in a shop, in Machynlleth.

By May I decided that I was not going to another craft fair (OH let me down twice for childcare, and attendances were very poor).

So in June I kept my jewellery stock at a limited level.

And on Friday 1st July, The Emporium, Machynlleth opened its doors. (read all about it here - well my cabinet anyway!).

So back on my workbench, there sat my earring rack, empty.

But then the voices in my head began:
What NO more craft fairs?
Not even at Christmas?
What about Dolgellau farmers market?
What about the Dolgellau Country Market?

By Saturday 2nd July I was back in the studio filling the earring rack!  I concentrated my efforts on glass bead earrings, but my real joy is wirework jewellery so roll on next week!

 So I guess I'll be going to a few more craft fairs!


  1. Glad to hear you are refreshed after your hols. Your earrings look great.

  2. This made me laugh - I think maybe craft fairs become a little bit of an addiction - we can't leave them alone, can we?
    There are certain ones absolutely love doing and cannot imagine not doing them. I love the summer ones, fresh air and fields, especially when the sun shines and the customers are smiling (and buying - that helps!).

  3. Yep, we are gluttens for punishment aren't we! Still I love doing the craft fairs (apart from the silly o'clock starts) as it is great to get that instant feedback from customers.

    Well done on restocking your earring stand so quickly & good luck with your cabinet in the shop.

    Ali x

  4. I threaten on a fairly regular basis not to do any more fairs, those voices really are convincing though! Love that earring rack such a pity not to keep it full of earrings and so the circle continues!

  5. Well done - shop & display look awesome - along with your earrings, obviously. Good luck!

  6. It all looks amazing!

    I am sure your cabinet will do just fine! But I wish you luck regardless ;)

  7. The shop look s great and think you will do well there, you never know may be able to give up the fairs

  8. Those ear rings look fabulous!

  9. I know how you feel, I'm doing a lot less this year, but can't give up completely. Good luck with the cabinet :)

  10. I'm definitely picking and choosing my fairs this year!! It's gotta be worth the effort!! Earrings look great x