Thursday, 14 July 2011


I know I'm late again, but I knew when I could do it, and I never touch my desk on a Wednesday, so hasn't changed.

Don't you find WOYWW (What's on your workbench Wednesday) a great way of spotting what you should have put away, but haven't?

I can see some 1.2mm wire that I used to make a larger necklace for an order with, (must put that back on the shelf).
I can see a bit of fleece used to make a new pushchair cover for my daughters dolly pushchair, that was urgently required at 4 minutes passed 4 on Sunday, (must put that in the bin).
But the main thing that I can see (passed all the untidiness) is lots of bits of offcuts from the flowers I tried to make in a rush on Tuesday.

I've made a few of the pink coloured flowers, but I thought I would try the black ones.  The black ones, require trimming after you sew them together.  Now, the state of my desk would suggest that I need a bin on my side of the room - not just the communal one in the centre of the room.

I still can't get the black flowers to sit right, if anyone has any advice please let me know.

Is the desk up to your standard? Wel pawb at y peth bo (yn gymreig), so take a trip over to stamping ground to see a few more.


  1. Nice to see you made it at last!!! If I cannot get things to lay flat I often use an old trusty heavy iron!!! Or it gets submitted to File 13 (aka the bin!!)
    Glad it is not just my desk that is messy this week!!

  2. I have the same trouble when making these flowers. I cheat and put a circle of felt on the back to hide all the ends and pull it back into shape. Yours are gorgeous. Love the colour combination. Hugs Mrs A. #88

  3. Those flowers are gorgeous! Can't help much with the flattening though :( Di xx

  4. Hey thanks for your comment it really did make me 'laugh out loud', it also made me think, you may have a point, now where did I put my purse?
    Agree with Sam, I think my iron is my best friend although I have to say I like the quirkiness of the black flowers.

  5. the flowers look great, especially the pink one i must have a go i think i can work them out from the picture, i'll add them to my 10 year plan LOL

  6. Popping in for a late snoop and it's good to see someone else making a mess but a creative one with great results. Love those flowers.
    JoZarty x

  7. Busy looking desk. Love the flowers. Thanks for sharing. Vickie

  8. Love the color combos and designs. I've not tried making flowers but real flowers don't always lay flat go with that! Lol