Monday, 18 April 2011

The Hard Task Master

Oh Handmade Monday you hard task master.

As Sunday drew to a close I realised that I would have no choice but to rush down to the studio on Monday morning and finish something /anything. Did I do it?  Did I 'eck!

It has been a lovely dry week, so at all opportunities I have snuck out into the garden.  I have made myself a new potato patch, and whilst I did it all myself, I don't think I can include that in Handmade Monday.
Could that really be the studio?

On Friday my 4 year old broke up from school and came home to tell me all about the crucifixion.  This is where Jesus was crucified between two Robs, and how after 3 days he came back to life, but her guinea pig didn't and could I please show her how to make hot cross buns. (I'm not sure if she drew breath in the sentence or not!)

I had a quick look in my recipe book, but realised that hot cross buns fall into breads - which take them beyond my skill level.  So the good old Internet came to the rescue.  I put in 'bread maker hot cross bun receipe' and hey presto Delia herself appeared before me.
Our Hot Cross Buns - Honest!

Although it did turn into be a five hour event, I can recommend the recipe and the Mother-Daughter bonding time.

As to Handmade Monday I think you better check out all the other participants!


  1. Love the Jesus/guinea pig/hot cross bun conversation! I remember one of my children being able to seamlessly go from one topic to another for hours on end (usually beginning at 5 am!).
    I'd've been more than happy to see that potato patch for Handmade Monday - but I bet those hot cross buns were delicious!
    Thanks for taking part in HM x

  2. lol, great convo. Love it when everything blends together... to not make any sense. Excellent!

  3. Sometimes I really miss my children being youngsters, although I have got my grandson who is nearly 2. One one the great things about blogs, diaries etc is they hold so many memories.

    The hot cross buns look good too.

    Jan x

  4. Funny how you can start off with one thing in mind, then with little one's suddenly you go off on a tangent. Interesting times though, and I bet you enjoyed the hot cross buns.

  5. You can always rely on the Easter story to bring out the comedy in children! I admire your 5 hour commitment to hot cross buns - yum! anna x

  6. Errr... could you toast mine for me, please? Have to say I take the easy way out as I have a fab bakery round the corner... maybe this year, I could try?

  7. Have bread maker will cook! Off to find the recipe. Yours look scrummy. Hugs Valery Anne.

  8. I love the things kids come up with! l often wish mine were small again, but it's almost as much fun hearing what other people's kids say. Thanks for sharing. I may have to try hot cross buns, they have always sounded good, and altho I was an avid bread maker I've never made them. BTW I use my bread machine to do the hard part (kneading) and then pull the dough out for the last rising and baking. That way it appears I am such a wonderful baker because it looks completely hand made! ;)