Wednesday, 28 March 2012

WOYWW - Getting better

Good morning Whats on your workbench Wednesday.  Following last weeks chaos I felt I had no choice but to come up with a new system.  It is unfortunately still work in progress because one chest of drawers has yet to arrive and rather a lot of things are still waiting to be sorted through.

I decided the first thing to do was rearrange the bedroom.  This meant moving 3 chest of drawers, one bookcase and one double bed and of course 3 sewing machines and their table.

When I finished, I looked at OH and said 'isn't it exactly the same, but the other way round?' and the response was 'whatever keeps you happy'.

I ordered two chests of drawers (and parted with real money - quite unheard of for me). But you can't spot them because of the chaos, and because one set is still in a warehouse in Swindon. (The big arrow points to the corner of one drawer, just visible!!).

Anyway the outcome is looking very promising.  I have one side of the table for free motion embroidery, one side for glue, one side for straight sewing and one side completely burried under things still to be sorted.

Today I have to make 9 doorstops for Grug Studio, Dolgellau, so my blog hopping will be dotted throughout the week again.


  1. I'm just enjoying a coffee break while my little munchkins take their nap so thought I'd catch up with a few of my blogging friends and check out what you've been up to this week.
    Lovely to see how your room is taking shape and how you are organising all your new storage....I'm sure you will get there eventually :-)
    A x

  2. Getting organized is a big task and then finding what you organized is even a bigger one your space is taking shape hang in there.

  3. Love the arrow pointing us in the right direction! Am sure your re-arrange will be fab once you get all your drawers. Take care & enjoy this weeks snoop of WOYWW desks. Zo xx 75

  4. You must be exhausted with all that sorting! Hope you get your doorstops finished. Happy WOYWW from Helen 111

  5. It's so hard organizing a room because sometimes, just because it looks good doesn't always mean it's practical for use!! lol Does that make sense? Loved your hubby's response though! waving hi from my balcony in the hills of North Carolina :)

  6. Hey, I've got that exact same spotty fabric that's hanging on the rail AND I've seen that nautical fabric too!! That's a fab set up you've got there and I'm really glad that the shop wants more doorstops - way to go, you!!
    Hugs, LLJ #74
    PS A clue, huh? How about an anagram :) A GUBBER.
    What a tease I am :) xx

  7. good luck with your sorting out,have a great week :)

  8. I am in the throes of sorting my craft space too, it is taking a while but will be worth it in the end:)

    Happy WOYWW


  9. Your room is taking shape nicely. Good luck with the doorstops. Show us them when they are finished. x Jo

  10. I just finished a studio re-vamp this morning, so I know the hard work that goes into getting every little detail right. Yours is looking good and will be worth it in the end. dani42

  11. Good luck with the room .... You will get there!

  12. Hope you get your space looking how you want it soon.

    Envious of the sewing machine - like the idea but don't have the patience!

    Thanks for sharing.


  13. Oh Polly what an improvement - still some way to go but well done! xx

  14. The arrow was a good idea I can just make out the drawers, I am sure all will get better when the rest arrive. You sure do have a lot going on.......

    Happy crafting

  15. It can take years to get your space just the way you want it. I had to laugh at you Hubby's response, sounds like mine!!
    Love your arrow!!
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax #109

  16. I don't envy you having to try and find new homes and places for stuff! I am still not quite settled into my room and I have been in there for 2 years now!! Hugs xx

  17. All looking good! It does take a while to get your workspace exactly how you want it...I'm still getting there x
    Sophie no.183

  18. Sounds like you're getting really organised, I always get half way through and wish I'd never started!
    Good Luck with the rest, will be great when it's finished
    Suzanne at desk 87

  19. It's so therapeutic organising your craft workspace, isn't it? !? I had so much fun with mine, but had a few days when i couldn't find things lol!

    Happy woyww