Thursday, 15 March 2012

It has arrived!

In the hope of making a few of you jealous.  I wish to announce that the thing us WOYWW-ers have been waiting for has arrived in deepest, darkest Wales.

I showed it to OH and he said 'I don't get it?'  -  There is no hope for some people.

Should you be holidaying in Dolgellau this year, and see someone wearing a WOYWW badge, it will probably be me!

Thanks Julia.


  1. Can't wait for mine to arrive ... they look FAB!!!! Your husband sounds just like mine ... I am anticipating his response will be pretty much the same! Love Debbie xXx

  2. Think all men will have the same view :-) I'm still patiently waiting for mine but will wear it with pride :-)
    A x

  3. Ink doesn't manifest itself all through the house like mown grass and soil and mud does so that is as far as hubby's gardening shoes are allowed! Oh, having said that, we did have blue fingerprints on the potatoes last night ... no matter how many times I washed my hands my fingers remained blue ... until I peeled the potatoes! Love Debbie xXx

  4. wear it with pride,have a great week,x

  5. Lovely badge - now tidy that bench!!!
    I tried to get virtual friends to pic their blogging space - only one did! xx

  6. got mine too!! Just luuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrve it!


  7. I just asked for mine, but once I get it I will wear it to the crops, it would be awesome to find someone else wearing one too! lol waving hi from the sunny hills of North Carolina :)

  8. WOW!!! I am so jelous!!!!! You Lucky thing you!!!!!
    I know you'll be wearing it with PRIDE for sure!