Saturday, 11 February 2012

Liebster Blog Award

I've been paid several compliments in the last week (none about my appearance mind), and two were from my blogging friends.

The first was from Hetticraft who gave me a Liebster Blog Award saying how my blog (and my children) entertain her which is great, because I always come away from her blog smiling so if I can do the same to her so much the better.

The second was Twiglet ... and blow me down it was another Liebster Blog Award! Twiglet has been very generous helping me with my attempts at Dumpfing, so I was extremely flattered she thought of me for an award, rather than trying to blot me out of her nightmares!

The definition
The two definitions of the award varied slightly, but here is my amalgamation of the rules.
  • Pick 5 blogs you like, they should have less than 200 followers, and be up and coming.
  • Then get the linking bits in, so link to the awarder, and link to the awarded, 
  • let everyone know, and let it start all over again.

So here goes:
1. Annabelle Serendipity: I recently came across Annabelle, she blogs most days, with wonderful photos and on any crafting subject that takes her fancy.
2. Redneedle Sewing: Caroline is great seamstress, willing to tackle any project.  She is currently taking a break from blogging due to a temporary teaching job, but her blog is definitely one to keep on your follow list.
3.Tattered Rocks: A paper crafter who likes to have conversations with her blog, often arguments!
4. Wheelers Fabrics: This is my local fabric shop, Sam has only just opened up the blog, twitter (won't catch me near that), and facebook, so I am sure he would appreciate a few of you calling by. Sam also sells online through ebay and has a good organic and fair trade range.
5.And finally Ceredigion birds33 If I leave the computer unattended I return to find OH looking at this, and it is the feathered variety. Fabulous photos often by professional photographer Janet Baxter.


  1. Some great blogs there - I will be following a couple! x Jo

  2. WOW!!! What a treat and a surprise to come home from my little holiday and find! I am just beaming from ear to ear and thank you SO much for picking my little blog for your award. You've just absolutely made my day! Love Debbie xXx

  3. Only just seen this and am very flattered. Thanks. I would give you an award any day. xx