Monday, 6 February 2012

Handmade Monday - in a sticky position

Sorry about the light
I sorry not to have joined you on Handmade Monday for the last couple of weeks but I'm back now.  Anyone that calls round on a Wednesday (WOYWW) will know what I have been up to.  I have made a little range of cards and two shops have agreed to sell them.  Unfortunately I have been trying to run before I could walk and on Saturday night I expect you could hear the screams of frustration from where you are sat.

Glue has been the sticking point.

My first lot of glue stained the paper. I trawled the internet for an advised glue but decided I needed to speak to someone, so I visited my local art shop.

I came home clutching my new lot of glue and on Saturday night I began fixing my cards in place.

PANTS, is all I can say.  Surely by definition a glue is supposed to stick? This glue was so weak it didn't even hold the card to card.

So Saturday night there I was spilling all my problems to Hetticraft, (she is so amazing that she found messenger on my computer when I didn't even know I had it, so she could ask all the right questions).  Hettiecraft not only offered several solutions she came up with the best places to buy them.

The trouble was I wanted the solution in my hand now.  My darling son awoke at 4am, so as I lay in his bed precariously balanced on the edge of a 2ft 6 bed (obviously as it is his bed, he feels he is entitled to sleep in the middle of it), I had time to ponder my predicament.

And there it was, PVA. Originally I had rejected PVA as too wet, but my fabric is thick enough not to be marked, it is just incredible slow.  All my gardening books have been brought into the pressing room, but leave them in the press too long and the card goes wrinkly.
the pressing room

If anyone has any other suggestions for quick to apply and quick to dry, non staining, strong (anything else I've missed?) glue then please let me know.  I'm off to order Hettiecrafts suggestion now.

(Oh, just in case you think I am biased: despite singing the Welsh national anthem and cheering at the end, I believe Bradley Davies should have been red carded).


  1. Oh heck, what a dilemma, especially with orders! I think PVA and glue guns cover most situations, and double-sided sticky pads are useful too. I'm sure there are specialist glues, too, and maybe someone else will come up with something wonderful!

  2. What a todo!, I use book binding glue from Pinflair, easy to use and apply, does not drench the fabric and dries quickly but love the cards

  3. Can't help with the glue problem I'm afraid but your cards are lovely and look so professional in their sleeves.

    Jan x

  4. The cards do look lovely :) I think that PVA is the way to go, but just try to be patient whilst it is setting... I say this as the world's worst at leaving things alone, I have to poke and prod... So go out to the park and let it get on with setting :)

  5. As a card-maker I can really empathise with you. So frustrating when things don't work. Good ideas suggested and I think your cards are lovely. Hope you have a good week.

  6. oh no! Sorry I can't really help you on the glue front as I use one for fabric. But I hope you get it sorted. Well done on having your cards stocked though :) xx

  7. These look really fab. I've used Hi-Tack very sticky glue very successfully for fabric/card sticking and even Anita's Tacky Glue. I've also used the strip version of sticky dots with great success too.
    A x

  8. I use the same as Annie and have even used strong contact double sided tape. The cards look great! x Jo

  9. PS - I have left you a blog award - check out my blog!!

  10. Your cards are lovely. I can't help in the glue department - but I felt your frustration and hope that someone can suggest something suitable for you Mich x

  11. I have issues with glue (for all of my different projects) all the time, it seems that there is no perfect glue and when you google (as I suspect you've discovered) everyone else seems to have the same complaint. I am NOT an expect (especially since I don't sell anything). I use the sticky dots and tape a lot simply because it's easy to get where I want it and there's no drying problem. A lot of the glues that they sell for scrapbooking don't stick very well (as you mentioned). I recently discovered a product called Super 77 Multi-Purpose Adhesive, but I don't know that it would work for cards. However it's the first adhesive I've bought that did exactly what it was advertised to do.
    I do feel your pain and frustration.

  12. Sorry to hear of your 'sticky' situation (sorry, couldn't help myself!)

    I always used 'dry' glues of various types when I made cards - either sticky dots, double sided tapes, foam pads, glue rollers, etc but there are so many out there it really is a case of trial and error to find the one which suits your particular need.

    It took me ages to find a non-permanent solution for my packaging so customers could use it again to store their peelable decorations when they weren't in use - now I have the perfect one and I panic all the time that it may be discontinued!!

    Good luck - lovely cards by the way!

    Ali x

  13. Lovely lovely cards - I want one (or more!) xx