Thursday, 12 April 2012

The Rhinoceros

Why is it my passing comments always take on a life of their own?

I thought you folks might like to see the rhinoceros that was mentioned in my WOYWW post this week.  Several of you thought I might have washed the rhinoceros (Rumpole), in my spare 4 minutes. 

Clearly some of you have never washed a rhinoceros.  My daughter spends between half and hour and an hour on such a task.

Those of you who have washed rhinoceroses before will know that they can be particularly dirty, so I was called upon to find the appropriate brush.

My daughter often washes large quadrupeds, so I keep a variety of brushes for the occasion ( last month it was a polar bear, previously a cow).  So I rummaged around in my cleaning cupboard, and selected a brush suitable brush for the job.
Don't panic, I really do have brushes dedicated for this task, this toothbrush did not go back OH shelf or any other revenge!

As some of you clearly have never cared for a rhinoceros I thought you might like to see Rumpole's bed.  Each night he returns to his egg from whence he was born.  I hope that will help some of you learn about the world I attempt to craft in!


  1. Just brilliant. I['ve really enjoyed meeting Rumpole. :-)
    A x

  2. Glad you explained that mystery to me!

  3. Hi Polly - what a great name for a rhino! Thanks for the advice about purple sprouting. Had it tonight for dinner, for the first time, and it was lovely. Good job you told me it was cut and come again - I'd have ripped it out! We were surprised that it goes green in the cooking - you can see I've led a very sheltered life!


  4. Well Isnt he the cutest little thing I thought he was quite big till I saw the brush that cleans him...cute :)

  5. ROFPML!! Soo funny! Now I know what you are on about! He is far too small to do any punching on his own. Monkey could help him though if he wants a go!!