Wednesday, 11 January 2012

WOYWW - The Domestic Goddess

Now called the domestic goddess
Well what is on my workbench this Wednesday? (WOYWW), the Domestic Goddess of course (as it has now been named).  If you haven't called by this week, and need to know the full story of how I gained a 50 year old brand new machine then take a look at Monday's post.

It is fair to say after my initial disappointment and should I add horror at being given a handturn sewing machine, I find myself eating humble pie.  The old lady has taught me alot already this week.

By slowing me down, the domestic sewing has helped me remember the basics of machine work.
  • How essential rountine maintenance is (the machine arrived siezed, but oiling soon sorted out the problems).
  • How fundamental it is to hold the 2 threads when starting
  • You can only guide the fabric with one hand, so that hand has to be perfect.
  • Your left and right hand really can move in different directions!
  • And of course how fun a hand machine is for the children (yes I too remember queuing up to wind a friend's machine).
child labour
The fanastic bit of news, is that by putting a request on freecycle for a new pedal for my Pfaff machine, lots of people suggested sources and one of them has paid off!  Yep the Pfaff machine which on Sunday was condemned by the machine repair man, is now back working.  But the trouble is I just don't know if I can put the Domestic Goddess back in her box.

Call over to Stamping ground and see how everyone else is beginning their new year of WOYWW


  1. It's so lovely to hear you are enjoying your 'new' toy. I well remember so many happy hours spent using one just like that my life [and sewing] has to be done at a much faster pace :-)Have fun.
    A x

  2. What a beautiful machine! Envious! Enjoy it. :)

  3. Oh, what a wonderful story (and in your previous post) of how the generosity of others can make you happy :) I loved my mum's old Singer, we made my wedding dress on it. I was heartbroken when she said sh'e passed it on to someone. The pic of the child labour (grin) made me smile. I used to help make all the costumes for the year 6 play at the school I worked at. The boys were all fascinated by the machine and queued up to have a go!! They especially liked the bit where the bobbin went underneath!
    Your friend was right - getting rid of stuff doesn't mean never thinking about the memories again. It frees the spirit!
    Hugs, LLJ #26 xx

  4. what a brilliant machine, your have lots of years of fun with this

    thanks for the snoop
    Judie xx

  5. Ohhh so jealous, I will kill for a vintage machine to have as a decoration!

  6. Lovely machine there! I have several old girls and even two treadles (Singers too). Nothing quite like sewing on the hand machines now and again. And sewing curtains on the treadle are very therapeutic!! And you get to use both hands!
    As for Christmas cards, not quite yet but will have by Rudolph Day (25th of the month)!

  7. Just use the Goddess for little projects - that way you can enjoy using both!

  8. Fabulous and does that photograph bring back some very happy memories of my mother sewing away on just such a machine. She always recommended a hand machine for making patchwork, better control was her reasoning. Amazing to think that in 50 years your machine had never been used. And, great news about your other machine too. Have a great week. Elizabeth x #96

  9. That is one beautiful sewing machine!!! How great that you use it.

    Happy WOYWW

  10. My very first sewing machine when I left school and started work. Traded in a few years later for another hand one that had been modernised. Made all my mini dresses, skirts, wedding dress and friends clothes on those two machines. Then I upgraded again in the 1970's to a Singer 'Starlight' electric machine and made all my childrens clothes on it and show costumes. The motor finally burnt out on that one about 5 yrs ago and I have another Singer model now so you could say I have had a love afair with Singer for the past 45 yrs!!! Happy days. Hugs Mrs A. #120

  11. I'm seeing how many I can get round this way.then when I have finished I'll come back again, that is if I can STOP reading all the posts first Happy WOYWW

    LOu P
    Lol, still have my Newhome, must be 20yrs now, lol

  12. my mum used to have one of those but she couldnt sew so never used it lol,
    thanks for showing it over at woyww, hugs sandra (81)

  13. The Domestic Goddess is one fancy looking machine. I'm not a sewing person but I suspect I'm too uncoordinated and twitchy for the likes of her!

  14. A Singer never loses it's charm - and hooray for the Pfaff pedal! Thanks for the peek in to your crafty space...Sarah at 6

  15. I love these machines. Thanks for the peek