Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Handmade Monday - Flumpfing

Needle felting kit
Welcome to this weeks Handmade Monday.  Rather later than planned, I thought I would show you one of my Christmas presents.

I asked OH for needlefelting bits and bobs.  I explained that I needed a base, a needle and some wool and left it up to him.

OH later explained that this was really hard, as he didn't want to buy me a kit, but couldn't find one website that sold everything. Likewise he found difficulty in find a suitable mix of wool so settled on 5 shades of brown!

I haven't had as much time with it as I would have hoped.  The needlefelting bits are small enough to fit in a basket in the house, however I feel that those vicious little needles are far too tempting with the curious children who live in my house, so the kit has to spend much time tucked away.

After my initial experiments with shades of brown, I bought an additional pack of wool and set to work.  These are my recognisable results so far.
a rather chunky tree

an owl, that really needs a crescent moon
As to this weeks title? Well I came across needlefelting through Twiglets blog (a chance google hit I think).  Twiglet calls it dumfing, but somehow with a quick malapropism it has become flumpfing to me.


  1. A really nice Christmas present and I think your flumpfing owl looks great. Hope you have a good week.

  2. What a great present and how wonderful that he picked out all the bits without just looking for a standard kit.

    I love the owl (agree that a crescent moon would look great - perhaps you could do something separate and attach it)

    Flumpfing... Great word!! Have fun with your new toy!

    Ali x

  3. Twiglet [my much older sister :-) ] and I really love our dumfing and I'm guessing you would love our machine embellishers too [treat yourself to one....they are our most used toys and well worth getting]. Have fun flumpfing :-)
    A x

  4. Lovely prezzie - dangerous to not be too specific though - I asked my son for 'anything' from L'Occitane and got a huge box of the only boring stuff in the whole shop! Found some wonderful kids felted slippers before Christmas (see blog) so it is great to see the process.
    Thanks for visit to blog and so happy to hear of another happy survivor - gives me hope. xx

  5. Oh, how fab! You have given me ideas now - I would love to have a go at needlefelting!

  6. Brill!!!! You don't seem to need much help - but don't forget to send me your details and I will organise a little parcel. x Jo

  7. Oh, thank you for showing me what the stuff looks like! I have been intrigued by needlefelting since I first saw examples but had no idea what it entailed. I'm so glad you posted this, I'm going to save this page!

  8. I want to play... really I do... although I don't reckon I could get such great results. What fun you must have had... and I do have all those merino tops...

  9. Needle felting looks such fun, the owl is super cute. As for the OH sounds like you need to write a precise list of what you want and where to get it, maybe even order it yourself and just get OH to pick it up? Guaranteed to get your own choice of colours at least! I look forward to seeing what else you make. x

  10. Thanks for posting this, i was just talking to my hubby about needle felting today! I lve your first attempts, especially the tree. Enjoy your new craft x

  11. What a clever hubby you have to find all those goodies for you! Your felting looks just FaB and sounds such fun. Debbie #85

  12. What a great prezzie and well done to your OH. It's difficult to do some of these crafts where 'ickle fingers and curious minds are about, looks like fun.

    Jan x

  13. Well done on the flumpfing!! Weren't they little creatures on the telly when we were younger?!!