Monday, 11 March 2013

You knew it wouldn't be long!

Sorry for dropping off the radar again, but ailments in the household reached a bit of a crisis point.  I, of course bravely fought off every bug that came my way, but the rest of the household did not fair so well and I found myself acting as nurse for, one person after another - 8 weeks in total!!
And as the weeks went by, various tasks dropped off the list of priority, until finally I arrived at my mums door with 2 children asking for a night's sleep!
Anyway, you know when I start posting about sewing machines it won't be long before there is a new workhorse in the stable and here it is.

Its a bit of a beast to look at (you can't see the table and the motor as I have hidden them behind the settee at the moment), but it is definitely beautiful when it runs.

OH asked a silly question about getting rid of one of the other machines, but I assured him it was important to keep things as spares!

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