Saturday, 2 February 2013

What a week!

At school they teach you that water and electricity don't mix.  Well what I have learnt is ice and OH don't mix!

To cut a long story short before the snow OH, cycled across  patch of black ice and fell off.

Despite no broken bones, no broken skin and no visible bruising, he damaged himself so spectacularly that it took him 5 days to put weight on his foot and is still using a crutch now, some three weeks later. 

Now all this could be classed as very bad luck, if it wasn't for the fact that it is the third time I have end up in A&E with him due to ice. (first there was the broken leg whilst sledging, then there was the ice skating incident and now this).  So should there be another snowfall in the next 30 years, you will spot our house as the one wrapped up in cotton wool.

In the mean time the children have brought a lurgy home from school and passed it around, so that everyone flaked out in bed, except me of course, who was obliged to peel grapes and mop brows throughout.  So I was delighted on Friday when everyone returned to their correct place of school and work and left me in my work room uninterrupted for a whole day.


  1. Hi Polly, sorry to hear of your woes. I was terrified of the ice this year after a broken ankle last year. I stayed indoors and did lots of knitting and sewing and hibernated until it all went away. Good move I thought.

  2. HI Polly ,
    so glad your clan is mended now and doing what they should be . I had a little chuckle as I read your post and imagined an army of ladies reading it too all nodding there heads in agreement as we all know that us girls are the ones who always have to run around after them
    Enjoy getting bak to your crafting
    Bev xx

  3. Glad to hear all are well now. The ice has been a real nuisance - I am sure I could have skated on my drive last Saturday - ice and inch thick and soooo smooth!! x Jo