Sunday, 6 May 2012

Did you miss me?

Here is the cathedral
Did you miss me? I've been away, a whole week, abroad and with sunshine - I am hoping that such happy memories will see me across our dreary summer.

So where have I been? Can you guess?

Here is the South side of the cathedral - little shops with rooms above.
You may have the country by now, but what about the city?

steps inside the municipal square - see all the bikes?

Its called the city of bicycles!
Totally off the beaten track, a real gem of a find by OH, a city in Italy, given over to bicycles. A city called Ferrara.  Full of beautiful architecture (but we forgot the camera - this is my mobile phone).

And the children loved it!

Back to normal for on Wednesday - see you soon.


  1. you are forgiven for not being here... it looks like a great time...AND sunshine!!

  2. Woo Hoo! Looks like you had a brilliant time and timed it well with the weather! The kids look like they were having fun. Look forward to seeing your scrapbooking pictures. LOL! Hugs xxx

  3. Lucky you - hope you had a fab time. Afraid it's just a bit colder back home!!!!!

  4. Yes - sure missed you. I have been meaning to go to Ferrara as my son raves about it. Will make the effort now. Welcome home - looking forward to next post. xx

  5. WOW!! Fabulous pics... looks as though you had a great time! the children look so happy... Hugs May x x x