Tuesday, 1 February 2011

10 reasons to NOT be self-employed in a rural area

I shouldn't give you rose tinted glasses, so it is only fair that I give you 10 reasons to not be self-employed in a rural area.
1. Lack of market
2. Lack of suppliers
3. Cost of transport and time to reach market
4. Slow broadband speed - for those that don't know, the further from your exchange you are the slower your speed.
5. Lack of contact with fashion - trends are not always obvious, take coffee shops, you expect them to offer latte, cappucino etc. but also have an area with sofa's and provide take aways.   When did that start?  Would you have caught on quickly to it?
6. Commercial property tends to be limited, and planning can be more restricted.
7. Courier costs tend to be higher due to lack of competition.
8.Your home becomes your workplace.
But all that said, I really can't think of a 9 and 10, so if you have an idea that you believe will work then it looks like a rural area is a good place to be self-employed.

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